Saturday, October 30, 2010

So I was reading Mary's Blog

So I finally got around to reading my friends blogs, and what do you know I was tagged to answer some questions. Now this is a way to get my personal blog back up now that I am a housewife by occupation :) So here we go!

1. What is your life verse (or quote)?
I don't think I have a favorite life quote, but I have a favorite song lyric, "I never kissed somebody so that they would break me heart." ~ Lisa Loeb

2. What is your favorite book, other than the Bible?
My favorite book is anything The Cinderella Rules

3. What is the most frugal thing that you do?
I had a sucker for breakfast. Does that count?

4. What is your favorite tip for staying organized?
Organized? What is that?? One tip is don't do what I do!

5. What is your favorite pair of jeans?
My American Eagle Jeans. I think I have accumulated like 6 pairs, all but 3 have holes, but I love them so much!

6. What was your first date with your spouse/significant other? How did you meet? {two for one}
Our first official date was to El Azteca in Ames. We met because two of our friends who are brother and sister, introduced us. The rest is history.

7. What was your favorite book when you were a kid?
My favorite book was called Ever After. It is about a girl who is going through typical life changes. It was awesome.

So, I dont know how to tag people to this, so I am just going to leave this as my post. I am getting ready to go volunteer at the kids halloween party on base. I am dressing up as a cute mad scientist. I know that doesnt make sense but I am wearing black and pink, and lots of glitter!!

This should be fun!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goal for May

So I officially wasted a day. I think i needed it though. Tomorrow, will be a super super cleaning day. I have this month to get the house together. I am so nervous. I HATE cleaning. I will need all the help I can get. Motivation is key to me, and I don't quite have the motivation to keep it clean. I guess it will look nice. I can't wait for my second half to come back so we can split the responsibilities again!

I booked my flight back home to Minnesota this June. I am in a wedding, and it is going to be a blast! My most innocent friend in the entire world is marrying the perfect man. Ann is a sweetheart and I have known her since high school. We spent many weekends crafting things up in the kitchen, on the sewing machine, and even the tye dye department. We were two nerdy girls, who stayed out of trouble by being friends. When we went to college we went our separate ways. She headed to a private christian school, where I went to a state college. Iowa State changed my life (in so many good ways). But I will save that for another post. Ann was one of my two personal attendants at my wedding (If I could have more bridesmaids, she would have been one). Now I get to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and I am super excited!

Today I did some investigating on the Alaskan cruisetour we are going to be going on this summer (that is if my husband can get off work). It will be our official honeymoon. Don't worry and don't freak out either, because that doenst mean we are going to start having children. It just means that we are going to have to wait a little more time till that happens. We are going to watch all of our friends have kids, then we are are going to have our later.

I am going to Red Robin tonight (oh and its national scrapbook day!).

Peace. out. girl. scout.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Favorite new candle scent

So I have my new favorite candle smell (and its not a cookie!!), Napa Valley Harvest!! It is amazing, fruity but at the same time classic. My house is now a classy place, a little alcoholic ish, but delicious. I guess I could say its grapey, but so yummy! Just soo many words describe the smell. I wish I could just post a scratch and sniff button, but instead you will need to go to Yankee Candle and smell the goods yourself.

Life has been so busy. Plans are constantly changing, work seems to be getting super busy, I have to keep up with my social life, and clean this house I can't seem to keep clean... ah, life. Crazyness. I think I need like a week to myself. No work. No people. I think I should just turn off my phone for a couple of days. Maybe I will, but I need the alarm clock. hm. I wish I could take a week, and just blah with my life. Clean, organize, play, get back to my real self.

Who is my real self? Who am I and what do I like to do for fun? Am I still the same person I was 5 years ago? What have I done with that person? Do I like the person I am now?

What are my life goals? Who do I want to be? Why am I not suprised anymore when someone calls me to tell me they are pregnant? Should I be more happy for them? Is life all about having kids?

I have come to the decision that I live for my husband. He is my best friend. Without him, I don't know who I would be. When he is not around, I am not myself. I look forward to growing old with him. Every moment we share together is always a good time. Whether we are just sitting on the couch trying to figure out what to watch on tv, or in the middle of nowhere lost and and out of gas. I love him with all my heart and I could have never asked for anyone better.

Friday, February 12, 2010

why do I think I can do this

for some reason I think that I can actually have a blog. But honestly, this is not true. I do not ever know what to say, and half the things I want to say, I can't so why do I do this. It is now February. Four months since my last post, and i feel like it has been only a few weeks. I have been so busy. I am trying to keep myself busy so time will go by, but I think I have over done myself.

I really hate being by myself. I have always loved having people around. I go crazy without people. For that reason alone, I find myself busy. Its weeks like this preparing for company, that I wish I had more time. More time to get it together. More time to sleep. More time to not wake up at 4 in the morning, and go to bed by 9. I use my weekends to catch up on sleep, but I cant do it too much or I wont get up on Mondays. It sucks. Weekly I have found that I put almost 500 miles on my car, and am in my car for at least 2 hours a day (making that 10 hours a week) --- and that is only driving to work. I can't take naps (they make me cranky my mom says).

Anyways. boring. i know. I am watching the olympics. I thought I would be watching the opening ceremony, but apparently that happened while I was at work. Now I get to watch ski jumping --- yawn. I am also not hungry, which is odd because I love food. I do not know how excited I am yet about the Olympics only being a few hours from our house. I guess once people get into town it will be all crazy.

Oh guess what! I get to watch the opening ceremony. I think, that is what the tv said, but how come its on in MN two hour earlier, when the olympics are in MY TIME ZONE!! (and 2 hours away!) ok - im going to watch, and go to bed in a hour. outta here.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I ordered my Cricut Expression finally! I have been super excited about it, and I am so happy to be getting it. It might just be a new thing that I will take up. I feel like I can do so much with it. Now all I have to do is sit and wait for it to come to me!

Everything lately has been going good. I am learning to stay busy. Thank god for this long weekend, when I finally found time to play the new Sims 3 World Adventure. I do want to continue to play it, but I have found myself super busy with a million other things to do.

Thanksgiving was at my house, and I am pretty sure I broke the garbage disposal. Stupid potato peels. I will have to figure out how to fix that soon, so I have a working sink again. That means I have held off doing some dishes (which is probably not the best choice). So that is one thing on my list to do. Secondly, I need to do some laundry. I am completely out of socks (well at least good socks). Third, the house is a mess, so many papers, and just stuff that needs to find a "home" somewhere in this house. Justin didn't really clean much before he left. Which means I have no idea what half of the papers in the office are. Most of them just have little diagrams, and words that I never even knew existed on them. So beats me what they are!

Lucie is a mopey puppy. Cute as ever, but likes to just sleep all day! (which is good for me). She has been next to me for about an hour, and I didn't even realize it. And she matches the couch perfectly.

I have to start figuring out Christmas presents for my family. I think I only have a couple that I have figured out what to get them. My mom, and Ian. The rest, I dont even know where to start. I think for my family, I am by far, the easiest to shop for. There are so many things that I want, could use, or never knew existed and I want. But for those who have everything, I dont know what to get. I asked my dad for a flashlight. Yep, thats right, this year for christmas, I want a FLASHLIGHT. A big heavy one. So I can use it as a weapon if need be (well thats what I told my dad). I think I want one because I only have a tiny little thing that flickers, I even just put in new batteries. So it must not like me much.

I think I have blabbed long enough about the things I need to do, so maybe I should actually do them if I am going to go to the movies tonight. Plus, I should get my christmas cards in the mail. I can stick 100 envelopes in my mailbox right?


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why should I?

Why do some people do as people ask of them, and others do it sometimes?

I am struggling with this lately. I work with kids, and I love them to death. They are some of the best kids I know. But why when you talk to them, they turn around and do the same thing you just asked them not to do?

Why is it when you ask someone to do something, they dont do it, and when they ask for you to do something they expect it to happen. I am so sick and tired of being stood up, forgotten about, and having to wait on people that I am just starting to give up. If they do it to me, why should I not do it back? Does it make me less of a person if I start treating them, like they treat me?

There are some things in life I am fully prepared for...
- Justin's deployment this fall
- I will not die hungry
- The cable goes out (I think I have plenty of movies to keep me happy for months)

And there are some things in life I am not prepared for...
- my husband leaving for work for a month (and finding out the day before)
- the power going out for more than a day (how would I communicate with the world)
- my mood swings and other peoples mood swings

I admit, I am moody. I have known that since I was 15. Ask anyone I know, they know how moody I can get. I mean I am not even allowed to take naps because I ALWAYS wake up crabby. If I am moody, how do I deal with moody people? I used to be this nice sweet innocent girl, but over the years, I have learned to be more and more vocal about things. Not anything political (I could care less about that). But about people. One summer while I was in college, I learned from a friend of mine (well more like a frienemy --- we did not get along) that it was ok to be a little mean from time to time. To tell people that you did not like to be treated like that. Looking back on my life people walked all over me. They pushed me around, asked me to do things I didnt want to do just because they didnt want to do it. And this person taught me that I just have to be me, and if I didnt like it, well I should tell them. This person helped me reach a new stage in my life. If this person were still around I dont know if we would talk. But I learned so much from them that I will never forget what they did for me.

I believe everyone comes into someones life for a reason. To learn valuable life lessons. I have some of the best of friends. I have some of the greatest family. I have had many life challenges and have succeeded at most. Some I have failed, and some I have learned some of the most important things I know.

My husband, one of the greatest men I know. I have learned so much from him. He is my best friend and he has seen me through almost everything. I can not wait to share the rest of my life with him. I know I can always go to him whenever I need to vent, because I do know that the internet is not the best place for that. Luckily my blog is not the most popular blog either. If I had the dedication, I would write a book. Which is something I might be able to do when Justin deploys (but I am not good with my words-- or my train of thought). What was I just talking about... seriously?

Anyways, in final, should one be nice to everyone, even if it means being stepped on? Or should they treat them like the other treats them?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Murder Mystery

It's Murder Mystery night! I am going as a young actress who turned 18, rebelled, and went to rehab. Thanks to my amazing agent, I got out of rehab and headed to "margaritaland"... like that's gonna stop me from doing what I did before rehab.

So I got my costume and I hope all of the pieces got well together... hannah montana wig, star earrings, hot pink lipstick, and plenty of glitter! Oh I can't wait.

I will let you know how it turns out :)

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