Saturday, November 28, 2009


I ordered my Cricut Expression finally! I have been super excited about it, and I am so happy to be getting it. It might just be a new thing that I will take up. I feel like I can do so much with it. Now all I have to do is sit and wait for it to come to me!

Everything lately has been going good. I am learning to stay busy. Thank god for this long weekend, when I finally found time to play the new Sims 3 World Adventure. I do want to continue to play it, but I have found myself super busy with a million other things to do.

Thanksgiving was at my house, and I am pretty sure I broke the garbage disposal. Stupid potato peels. I will have to figure out how to fix that soon, so I have a working sink again. That means I have held off doing some dishes (which is probably not the best choice). So that is one thing on my list to do. Secondly, I need to do some laundry. I am completely out of socks (well at least good socks). Third, the house is a mess, so many papers, and just stuff that needs to find a "home" somewhere in this house. Justin didn't really clean much before he left. Which means I have no idea what half of the papers in the office are. Most of them just have little diagrams, and words that I never even knew existed on them. So beats me what they are!

Lucie is a mopey puppy. Cute as ever, but likes to just sleep all day! (which is good for me). She has been next to me for about an hour, and I didn't even realize it. And she matches the couch perfectly.

I have to start figuring out Christmas presents for my family. I think I only have a couple that I have figured out what to get them. My mom, and Ian. The rest, I dont even know where to start. I think for my family, I am by far, the easiest to shop for. There are so many things that I want, could use, or never knew existed and I want. But for those who have everything, I dont know what to get. I asked my dad for a flashlight. Yep, thats right, this year for christmas, I want a FLASHLIGHT. A big heavy one. So I can use it as a weapon if need be (well thats what I told my dad). I think I want one because I only have a tiny little thing that flickers, I even just put in new batteries. So it must not like me much.

I think I have blabbed long enough about the things I need to do, so maybe I should actually do them if I am going to go to the movies tonight. Plus, I should get my christmas cards in the mail. I can stick 100 envelopes in my mailbox right?


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why should I?

Why do some people do as people ask of them, and others do it sometimes?

I am struggling with this lately. I work with kids, and I love them to death. They are some of the best kids I know. But why when you talk to them, they turn around and do the same thing you just asked them not to do?

Why is it when you ask someone to do something, they dont do it, and when they ask for you to do something they expect it to happen. I am so sick and tired of being stood up, forgotten about, and having to wait on people that I am just starting to give up. If they do it to me, why should I not do it back? Does it make me less of a person if I start treating them, like they treat me?

There are some things in life I am fully prepared for...
- Justin's deployment this fall
- I will not die hungry
- The cable goes out (I think I have plenty of movies to keep me happy for months)

And there are some things in life I am not prepared for...
- my husband leaving for work for a month (and finding out the day before)
- the power going out for more than a day (how would I communicate with the world)
- my mood swings and other peoples mood swings

I admit, I am moody. I have known that since I was 15. Ask anyone I know, they know how moody I can get. I mean I am not even allowed to take naps because I ALWAYS wake up crabby. If I am moody, how do I deal with moody people? I used to be this nice sweet innocent girl, but over the years, I have learned to be more and more vocal about things. Not anything political (I could care less about that). But about people. One summer while I was in college, I learned from a friend of mine (well more like a frienemy --- we did not get along) that it was ok to be a little mean from time to time. To tell people that you did not like to be treated like that. Looking back on my life people walked all over me. They pushed me around, asked me to do things I didnt want to do just because they didnt want to do it. And this person taught me that I just have to be me, and if I didnt like it, well I should tell them. This person helped me reach a new stage in my life. If this person were still around I dont know if we would talk. But I learned so much from them that I will never forget what they did for me.

I believe everyone comes into someones life for a reason. To learn valuable life lessons. I have some of the best of friends. I have some of the greatest family. I have had many life challenges and have succeeded at most. Some I have failed, and some I have learned some of the most important things I know.

My husband, one of the greatest men I know. I have learned so much from him. He is my best friend and he has seen me through almost everything. I can not wait to share the rest of my life with him. I know I can always go to him whenever I need to vent, because I do know that the internet is not the best place for that. Luckily my blog is not the most popular blog either. If I had the dedication, I would write a book. Which is something I might be able to do when Justin deploys (but I am not good with my words-- or my train of thought). What was I just talking about... seriously?

Anyways, in final, should one be nice to everyone, even if it means being stepped on? Or should they treat them like the other treats them?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Murder Mystery

It's Murder Mystery night! I am going as a young actress who turned 18, rebelled, and went to rehab. Thanks to my amazing agent, I got out of rehab and headed to "margaritaland"... like that's gonna stop me from doing what I did before rehab.

So I got my costume and I hope all of the pieces got well together... hannah montana wig, star earrings, hot pink lipstick, and plenty of glitter! Oh I can't wait.

I will let you know how it turns out :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

I have to keep updated

Well, It has been some time. I think I am just trying to get into a routine, but I don't think that will really happen. I love what I do, but I am still trying to figure out the entire scheduling thing. I understand that I am the newbie, so I am floated around here and there. I am really excited about the summer. I think my hours will be more regular, which would be very nice. But then again, there are no guarantees.

Lucie got to sleep in our bed one night this weekend. She was sooo happy! She didn't even have an accident. But I am still so paranoid, that I had to keep her in her kennel the rest of the nights. I would love to have her sleep on the bed when Justin is deployed, I just don't want her peeing on it :).

I also can't believe that is 20 days will be our 1 year wedding anniversary. Boy do times fly! I can't believe it was already a year ago. It still feels like it was not even six months ago.

Oh, and new news to announce. Ann McGrath is engaged!! I have been awaiting this day for quite some time. Luckily she has a really sweet guy, and I think they make a great pair. I can't wait for their wedding, I am sure it will be a great time!

On Thursday I have a mystery murder party to go to. I get to go as the young hollywood actress that escaped rehab and is now living it up in caribean. But I guess I started drinking again. For a non alcoholic party with work staff, this could be interesting... I guess I will have to work on getting my costume together. Hopefully I can still fit into my gold dress. If not, I guess I will have to wear my blue one from the dining out.

The best news ever!! --- The Sims 3 is out!! I have it. I have played it, and oh, I LOVE it! The only thing that bugs me is that is randomly just stops working. It has to do something with the computer because Justin says that happens sometimes. SO I have learned to be a saving freak.

My work schedule got screwed up again, I was supossed to be in earlier, but it never got changed... so they called me, and it was almost the time to leave for the normal time. I thought about going to Oak Harbor in case that happened ((it happened to me last week too) -- I wasnt schduled but they scheduled me), but I have some time in between tomorrow, so I decided not to go. I should've though. I was so worked up about get my forms notarized, that it completely slipped my mind to even ask.

Well, I should be getting ready for work, I need to leave in a few minutes. Ciao my friends that are reading this. And if you are let me know!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Husband is out of town

Well, yesterday Justin found out he had to fly some plane somewhere. So, he is gone, he flew a plane across the country and he will be back tomorrow. There is nothing like an impromptu trip. So, I have had the house and the dog to myself for sometime now.

The dog won't stop whining, thinking dad will be home soon... but little does she know that soon will not be until tomorrow afternoon. So for now she will just have to keep chewing on her bone, very noisily.

ANTM season finale was on tonight. I really wanted Allison to win, but I am still happy for the outcome. I think Teyona wanted it much more than anyone else, so I am so happy for her. I am sure she will be a great model. I am excited for the next ANTM, I mean short models, how awesome is that going to be to watch.

So, I am still completely freaked out of the dark and the outdoors in the dark, well I guess I have only been afraid since I thought I heard a dog barking not too far from our house a couple weeks ago, and it turns out its a coyote. A COYOTE, freak me out! Seriously. I wish no one told me that. I just got over my dog fear, and now I am going to have to get over a coyote fear.

Sue and I had dinner together. I love pasta and I swear I could eat it everyday if I had to. I love pasta, it just doesn't love my waistline. Speaking of waistlines, I am hoping to shrink mine soon. I am kinda upset that I now have to work hard to get awesome abs, but first things first is getting rid of these ugly love handles. I would kill to have my body I had in 2002. If only I could go back in time. What would I do differently to get my hot body... um, learn to workout, and somehow enjoy it, so I dont have to do it now, when I am over weight, and out of shape... My goal is to look hot a year from now, which is when my husband should be coming home from his first deployment. I would love to be the hot wife I used to be when we started dating. Even being smaller than that would be awesome. Is it possible to lose 50 lbs in a year? I guess I will find out, starting June 1st. If anyone has some awesome diet plans with simple workout stuff, let me know. I need to do something!!

Our hosue is finally coming together. I have learned that sliding doors are not my friend. Not only did I break my aunt and uncles door (luckily my dad helped me fix it). I snapped the plastice off of our sliding door handle. I hope you can buy that peice and its an easy fix. THe bummer things about renting is that I have to do it, especially if we are going to be here for another two and a half years...

Oh and I did I mention the dog is still wandering the house whimpering and looking for dad. Some reason she doesn't understand me when I say he will not be home tonight. I hope she is not too bad when I leave to go to Hoefer's wedding.

I keep thinking of things I need to inform the world about but anyways, I broke some plastic thing on my laptop. I really hope its not important, cause I think I might cry. Ok, I wont cry, because I am pretty sure its not important.

Well, I should probably head to bed soon, I have to work at 9 in the morning... starting next week I actually work real hours and get to observe classrooms!! Yeah, I finally get to get into my work and be a professional.

I really got to learn what all these silly noises my dog makes means. I think right now it means, WHERE IS DADDY?? I MISS HIM!!! soon puppy, soon. but not soon enough, just wait till he leaves us for 6 months. Fritz is going through that right now.

Much love and see you in a week Minnesota :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am really into using to edit my pictures. Above are a few of my favorites that I have edited.

She Peed.

That's right, the dog peed on our bed. Its 10pm on a Saturday night, an the dog peed on our bed. So now we have to wash our comforter and sheets, and mattress pad before we can go to bed tonight.

She knows she did wrong which is good, but she is so cute its hard to stay mad at her... I am going to be a terrible mother. I can see it now....

Our neighbor leaves for deployment tomorrow. I think we are going to take him and his wife out there for the "sendoff" -- if there is any (which I hope there is). We went over there and had a little cookout before he has to go. I think its going to be really hard when Justin has to deploy later in the year.

Hoefer's wedding is just around the corner and I am getting super excited. I can't wait to see her and be there for her special day. I am also excited to see friends of mine that I haven't seen since my wedding. It should be a weekend to remember.

I have a really bad craving to play monopoly, ok and even bigger craving for two things. A Ninentdo Dsi and a digital SLR camera. I am leaning towards a Canon, but now I just have to save up the 800 bucks I need to get it. I guess I could pay 35 bucks and fix my Sony camera, but I really want a SLR. I am a huge dork.

It is getting kind of late, and I am super tired -- oh wait, I have to clean all my bedding before I can go to bed - Thanks dog! ah.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy May

Today was my first day of work... paperwork that is, and my first day off is tomorrow. I think I am really going to like this job. The people I met were great. I am super excited.

Mathis had her baby!! I am so happy for her. She is a mom just in time for Mother's Day! I am so happy that everything went great for them, well besides the long labor she has an adorable baby boy! I can't wait to meet him.

We also celebrated Chris' birthday this past weekend. The dance party didn't really happen. But I sure did look good ;) I love costumes.

Lucie seems to be getting bigger everyday. I hope she doesn't get too much bigger. She was really happy that we let her kennel be a little bit bigger, and she was super excited that Mom came home today so she didn't have to be in the kennel forever... then we went for a walk. The walk was long and we met a new friend along the way. The sweetest old man was walking her. Lucie wanted to play, but we needed to keep going.

I also rearranged the living room. It looks so much bigger! Now, I just need to get stuff on the walls.

Well, I am seem to be super busy, but I am really not. Time to relax and watch some tv.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My new job

I start my new job on Monday! Well, at least I go and start to fill in my paperwork. I am very excited for this job. It is pretty much exactly what my internship in Italy was. Which I absolutely loved. I am so excited to be working with kids!

Being that I start Monday, I have the rest of the week to do the things that I have wanted to do since I go tout here, but never had the time. Sue might be able to take me to the creamery, and maybe I can go through the tulip fields. (They look beautiful from the road, but I would love to see them close up!) Apparently Skagit county (where I live), is known for their tulips. Which also means almost everyone's yards have tulips or daffodils in them. My yard, I think has iris' and roses, but I guess I wont truly know until they start to bloom.

Right now, I am watching free movies on demand. I might as well enjoy my free time while I can. Lucie is sitting here sleeping. Luckily she is lazy in the morning, so when I do go to work, she won't mind too much. (let's hope)

So, my 2 month long vacation is coming to an end. Let's hope I end it with a bang!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Well, we are out in Anacortes, Washington and absolutely love it! Justin is working like crazy, and I am waiting to start my job. We also finally got our first dog!! Her name is Lucie and she is wonderful. She is a lab/border collie mix.

Here is a picture of us with her at 6 months old. Since we got her about a month ago, she has grown a little bit. It must be from all the fun walks we take her on!

We are getting settled into our new house. It's not all completely put together, but it is coming around. I am so happy to be settled somewhere for about 3 years. Then one day we can actually own our own house. (then I can paint it!) - drab white is not quite my favorite color on a wall--- let alone the entire house. But once I start working I should be able to make some money to put a little more creativity around here.

I love our new neighborhood, and out friends out here. I haven't met too many people, but I do hang out with our neighbors. We knew them from Jacksonville, and it just is really nice to have someone next door that I know and get along with. It will be really nice to have them there too when Justin is gone.

I will try and keep you updated with what is going on in my life. Being a couple thousand miles from home does not make it easy to keep everyone informed. Let me know if there is anything you want me to discuss!

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