Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Husband is out of town

Well, yesterday Justin found out he had to fly some plane somewhere. So, he is gone, he flew a plane across the country and he will be back tomorrow. There is nothing like an impromptu trip. So, I have had the house and the dog to myself for sometime now.

The dog won't stop whining, thinking dad will be home soon... but little does she know that soon will not be until tomorrow afternoon. So for now she will just have to keep chewing on her bone, very noisily.

ANTM season finale was on tonight. I really wanted Allison to win, but I am still happy for the outcome. I think Teyona wanted it much more than anyone else, so I am so happy for her. I am sure she will be a great model. I am excited for the next ANTM, I mean short models, how awesome is that going to be to watch.

So, I am still completely freaked out of the dark and the outdoors in the dark, well I guess I have only been afraid since I thought I heard a dog barking not too far from our house a couple weeks ago, and it turns out its a coyote. A COYOTE, freak me out! Seriously. I wish no one told me that. I just got over my dog fear, and now I am going to have to get over a coyote fear.

Sue and I had dinner together. I love pasta and I swear I could eat it everyday if I had to. I love pasta, it just doesn't love my waistline. Speaking of waistlines, I am hoping to shrink mine soon. I am kinda upset that I now have to work hard to get awesome abs, but first things first is getting rid of these ugly love handles. I would kill to have my body I had in 2002. If only I could go back in time. What would I do differently to get my hot body... um, learn to workout, and somehow enjoy it, so I dont have to do it now, when I am over weight, and out of shape... My goal is to look hot a year from now, which is when my husband should be coming home from his first deployment. I would love to be the hot wife I used to be when we started dating. Even being smaller than that would be awesome. Is it possible to lose 50 lbs in a year? I guess I will find out, starting June 1st. If anyone has some awesome diet plans with simple workout stuff, let me know. I need to do something!!

Our hosue is finally coming together. I have learned that sliding doors are not my friend. Not only did I break my aunt and uncles door (luckily my dad helped me fix it). I snapped the plastice off of our sliding door handle. I hope you can buy that peice and its an easy fix. THe bummer things about renting is that I have to do it, especially if we are going to be here for another two and a half years...

Oh and I did I mention the dog is still wandering the house whimpering and looking for dad. Some reason she doesn't understand me when I say he will not be home tonight. I hope she is not too bad when I leave to go to Hoefer's wedding.

I keep thinking of things I need to inform the world about but anyways, I broke some plastic thing on my laptop. I really hope its not important, cause I think I might cry. Ok, I wont cry, because I am pretty sure its not important.

Well, I should probably head to bed soon, I have to work at 9 in the morning... starting next week I actually work real hours and get to observe classrooms!! Yeah, I finally get to get into my work and be a professional.

I really got to learn what all these silly noises my dog makes means. I think right now it means, WHERE IS DADDY?? I MISS HIM!!! soon puppy, soon. but not soon enough, just wait till he leaves us for 6 months. Fritz is going through that right now.

Much love and see you in a week Minnesota :)


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