Thursday, June 11, 2009

Murder Mystery

It's Murder Mystery night! I am going as a young actress who turned 18, rebelled, and went to rehab. Thanks to my amazing agent, I got out of rehab and headed to "margaritaland"... like that's gonna stop me from doing what I did before rehab.

So I got my costume and I hope all of the pieces got well together... hannah montana wig, star earrings, hot pink lipstick, and plenty of glitter! Oh I can't wait.

I will let you know how it turns out :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

I have to keep updated

Well, It has been some time. I think I am just trying to get into a routine, but I don't think that will really happen. I love what I do, but I am still trying to figure out the entire scheduling thing. I understand that I am the newbie, so I am floated around here and there. I am really excited about the summer. I think my hours will be more regular, which would be very nice. But then again, there are no guarantees.

Lucie got to sleep in our bed one night this weekend. She was sooo happy! She didn't even have an accident. But I am still so paranoid, that I had to keep her in her kennel the rest of the nights. I would love to have her sleep on the bed when Justin is deployed, I just don't want her peeing on it :).

I also can't believe that is 20 days will be our 1 year wedding anniversary. Boy do times fly! I can't believe it was already a year ago. It still feels like it was not even six months ago.

Oh, and new news to announce. Ann McGrath is engaged!! I have been awaiting this day for quite some time. Luckily she has a really sweet guy, and I think they make a great pair. I can't wait for their wedding, I am sure it will be a great time!

On Thursday I have a mystery murder party to go to. I get to go as the young hollywood actress that escaped rehab and is now living it up in caribean. But I guess I started drinking again. For a non alcoholic party with work staff, this could be interesting... I guess I will have to work on getting my costume together. Hopefully I can still fit into my gold dress. If not, I guess I will have to wear my blue one from the dining out.

The best news ever!! --- The Sims 3 is out!! I have it. I have played it, and oh, I LOVE it! The only thing that bugs me is that is randomly just stops working. It has to do something with the computer because Justin says that happens sometimes. SO I have learned to be a saving freak.

My work schedule got screwed up again, I was supossed to be in earlier, but it never got changed... so they called me, and it was almost the time to leave for the normal time. I thought about going to Oak Harbor in case that happened ((it happened to me last week too) -- I wasnt schduled but they scheduled me), but I have some time in between tomorrow, so I decided not to go. I should've though. I was so worked up about get my forms notarized, that it completely slipped my mind to even ask.

Well, I should be getting ready for work, I need to leave in a few minutes. Ciao my friends that are reading this. And if you are let me know!

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