Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My new job

I start my new job on Monday! Well, at least I go and start to fill in my paperwork. I am very excited for this job. It is pretty much exactly what my internship in Italy was. Which I absolutely loved. I am so excited to be working with kids!

Being that I start Monday, I have the rest of the week to do the things that I have wanted to do since I go tout here, but never had the time. Sue might be able to take me to the creamery, and maybe I can go through the tulip fields. (They look beautiful from the road, but I would love to see them close up!) Apparently Skagit county (where I live), is known for their tulips. Which also means almost everyone's yards have tulips or daffodils in them. My yard, I think has iris' and roses, but I guess I wont truly know until they start to bloom.

Right now, I am watching free movies on demand. I might as well enjoy my free time while I can. Lucie is sitting here sleeping. Luckily she is lazy in the morning, so when I do go to work, she won't mind too much. (let's hope)

So, my 2 month long vacation is coming to an end. Let's hope I end it with a bang!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Well, we are out in Anacortes, Washington and absolutely love it! Justin is working like crazy, and I am waiting to start my job. We also finally got our first dog!! Her name is Lucie and she is wonderful. She is a lab/border collie mix.

Here is a picture of us with her at 6 months old. Since we got her about a month ago, she has grown a little bit. It must be from all the fun walks we take her on!

We are getting settled into our new house. It's not all completely put together, but it is coming around. I am so happy to be settled somewhere for about 3 years. Then one day we can actually own our own house. (then I can paint it!) - drab white is not quite my favorite color on a wall--- let alone the entire house. But once I start working I should be able to make some money to put a little more creativity around here.

I love our new neighborhood, and out friends out here. I haven't met too many people, but I do hang out with our neighbors. We knew them from Jacksonville, and it just is really nice to have someone next door that I know and get along with. It will be really nice to have them there too when Justin is gone.

I will try and keep you updated with what is going on in my life. Being a couple thousand miles from home does not make it easy to keep everyone informed. Let me know if there is anything you want me to discuss!

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