Saturday, May 9, 2009

She Peed.

That's right, the dog peed on our bed. Its 10pm on a Saturday night, an the dog peed on our bed. So now we have to wash our comforter and sheets, and mattress pad before we can go to bed tonight.

She knows she did wrong which is good, but she is so cute its hard to stay mad at her... I am going to be a terrible mother. I can see it now....

Our neighbor leaves for deployment tomorrow. I think we are going to take him and his wife out there for the "sendoff" -- if there is any (which I hope there is). We went over there and had a little cookout before he has to go. I think its going to be really hard when Justin has to deploy later in the year.

Hoefer's wedding is just around the corner and I am getting super excited. I can't wait to see her and be there for her special day. I am also excited to see friends of mine that I haven't seen since my wedding. It should be a weekend to remember.

I have a really bad craving to play monopoly, ok and even bigger craving for two things. A Ninentdo Dsi and a digital SLR camera. I am leaning towards a Canon, but now I just have to save up the 800 bucks I need to get it. I guess I could pay 35 bucks and fix my Sony camera, but I really want a SLR. I am a huge dork.

It is getting kind of late, and I am super tired -- oh wait, I have to clean all my bedding before I can go to bed - Thanks dog! ah.



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